Pure Focus: Deep Tissue Massage Bury St Edmunds

Deep Tissue Massage Bury St Edmunds: Deep tissue massage aims to release persistent patterns of tension in your body, employing deeper, more focused pressure to tackle achy and knotted areas in deeper layers of muscle tissue.

60 min | 90 min

Chronic tension is released through slow, deep gliding pressure along or across muscle fibres, tendons and fascia, breaking up adhesions caused by micro-scarring or injury. The purpose is to ‘unstick’ and loosen knotted muscles while releasing deeply-held patterns of tension. Deep tissue massage techniques increase blood and oxygen flow to tissues, keeping muscles supple.

C023Elbows, forearms and thumbs are often used to apply pressure and manipulate muscle tissue rather than the fingers and flat hands. Christina will work with you throughout the deep tissue massage treatment to make sure the pressure is always comfortable. This treatment is still very relaxing and plenty of soothing techniques are included to provide the perfect balance.

Deep Tissue Massage is a focused treatment which works deeply into muscle tissue, and you may experience some muscle soreness or discomfort after the massage. This is normal and you should feel better than ever within a couple of days.

Enjoy your Deep Tissue Massage Bury St Edmunds at Christina’s studio in the village of Ixworth.

  • Encourages deep relaxation; relieves chronic muscular stress and tension
  • Increases flexibility of soft tissue areas; loosens ‘stuck’ muscle fibres
  • Relieves pain and restores mobility.

“Christina did an amazing job of balancing my need for calm and my need to have my muscles worked deeply. She took the time to understand my activity level and the sources of tension in my back and legs. You really get a sense that she cares about total well being. Her studio is beautiful and peaceful (and she has the softest towels!). I spent the rest of my day feeling relaxed and energized. I would recommend her to anyone. Reasonable prices compared to the big spas and much more personable.” – Michelle, Seattle

Contact Christina on 07739 572985 to book your Pure Urban deep tissue massage Bury St Edmunds (Ixworth).