Massage Bury St Edmunds: Treatment Styles

Massage Bury St Edmunds (Ixworth): Swedish massage, sports massage and deep tissue massage in Ixworth near Bury St Edmunds costs £45 for 60 minutes / £60 for 90 minutes.

PURE INDULGENCE: Swedish Massage

PURE FOCUS: Deep Tissue Massage


UPPER BODY BLITZ: Upper Body Focus

UPPER BODY BLITZ: Upper Body Focus

Your Pure Urban Massage Bury St Edmunds (Ixworth) will be tailored to your specific requirements.  Deep tissue massage near Bury St Edmunds; the perfect antidote to tired, aching muscles and busy lifestyles. Christina’s friendly, professional style will allow you to take what you need from your massage: a well deserved break from everyday stress, recovery from tight, tense muscles, or easing of aches and pains caused by past injury, poor posture or sport. Massage techniques may be invigorating or soothing, therefore are sure to put the spring back in your step! A variety of Swedish, deep tissue and technical methods may be incorporated.  Gentle, sweeping work combines with deeper techniques to be soothing yet effective. Consequently, you’ll be floating on air!

A Swedish massage is the ultimate soothing treat to help you relax and unwind, deep tissue massage employs more focused pressure to tackle stubborn areas of deeper tension, and sports massage aids optimal physical performance, improves flexibility and prevents or helps rehabilitate injuries. The ‘upper body blitz’ targets the tension-prone shoulders, neck, arms and scalp. All massages are available for male and female clients. Bespoke sessions are created, incorporating Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, seated massage and sports massage techniques.

Treatments are available for 60 or 90 minutes. Your first treatment includes a free confidential consultation to gather relevant medical and lifestyle information. This won’t cut into your treatment time.  Most importantly, this helps Christina understand underlying causes of tension in your body and tailor the best approach.  Pure Urban Massage Bury St Edmunds (Ixworth).

To book your massage, please contact Christina.