Upper Body Blitz: Couch / Seated Massage Bury St Edmunds

Shoulder Massage Bury St Edmunds: Many of us store most of our tension in the shoulders and neck, whether caused by deskwork, driving, physical work or just everyday stress.  The popular upper body blitz is a combination of deeply soothing Swedish, deep tissue and pressure point techniques focusing solely on the upper body: back, shoulders, arms, neck and face.

60 min

TC063he upper body blitz shoulder massage Bury St Edmunds focuses entirely on the upper body, and can include a very soothing facial massage. The treatment will conclude with seated work to blitz any remaining knots from your shoulders, finishing with a wonderful scalp massage, where a surprising amount of tension can be stored.  A very pampering and indulgent treatment.  Your skin will glow and feel toned and rejuvenated.

“I was recommended to go to Christina after my partner had been to see her for his pre marathon massage. I work long hours at a desk and I suffer from pain around my shoulders and neck area. Christina is very professional and makes you feel relaxed throughout the treatment. The treatment is tailored to you and I must say it is THE BEST massage! I would highly recommend Christina to anyone who wishes to have a massage of any kind due to her being able to adapt the massage to your individual needs.” – Claire, Bath