Upper Body Blitz: Back Massage Bury St Edmunds

Back Massage Bury St Edmunds: Many of us store tension in the back, shoulders and neck, caused by deskwork, driving, physical work or everyday stress.

60 min

TC063he upper body blitz massage Bury St Edmunds focuses on the back, shoulders, arms and neck.  It can also include a soothing facial and / or scalp massage, where a surprising amount of tension can be stored. The upper body blitz is a combination of soothing Swedish, deep tissue and pressure point techniques.  The treatment will conclude with seated work.

Christina is really helping me with tight shoulder and neck muscles which I am sure contribute to migraines. She has a real skill, it’s the best deep tissue massage I’ve found here, so I recommend Pure Urban Massage very highly, and in the most beautiful setting too. Thank you.” – Sarah, Bury St Edmunds